• Why Bisner?

    The way we work is changing. Today’s business world includes a rapidly growing community of freelancers and small and medium-sized enterprises that are collaborating more than ever before. It’s a trend that shouldn’t be underestimated: A recent study suggests that more than 40% of the American workforce – 60 million people – will be independent workers by 2020.

    The Internet has given rise to a new generation of freelancers who connect, communicate, and collaborate more than ever before. For many, this means working on multiple projects in different teams – and yet remaining independent. Sharing an online environment where you can both work independently and be part of a team makes this easier. That is why we made Bisner, an open collaboration platform for freelancers and companies to connect, communicate, and collaborate.


    Bisner gives you access to a range of tools to grow your business and work more effectively. Communication tools, secure workspaces, a company profile, and insights into your team’s activity. Bisner is a social work application where coworkers, partners, and clients meet and collaborate in a secure environment. It’s always available, synced, secure, and of course wherever you go and on all your devices. Bisner enables you to manage multiple projects across multiple companies in one place.


    There are other collaboration tools out there but Bisner takes a different approach:

    - A clear focus on SMEs and freelancers;
    - A unique structure based on open workspaces, offering a modern and practical work environment;
    - A truly open online community.


    At Bisner we aim to offer the growing number of freelancers and small and medium-sized enterprises the perfect virtual coworking solution. We meet users’ needs and enable them to work in an open, social, and inspiring network. Together we are Bisner.







    Bisner: The Virtual Coworking Platform

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