• Top 4 Online Features that Promote Organizational Transparency

    In times of constant change, people seek trust and transparency. According to workplace surveys (Forbes), employees cite a transparent work culture as one of their main priorities after career advancement opportunities and a competitive salary. So why is transparency so important to the modern workforce?

    Being updated and aware of organizational processes enables workers to plan ahead and prevent undesirable outcomes. It also means working with other people as opposed to working for others. It means being a part of a fully engaged and trusting team.


    Transparency is even more important for dispersed teams working in different locations. Having transparent processes not only keeps team members up to date, but also creates a feeling that everyone is involved equally. Eventually, this builds trust between the members of the organization and helps companies achieve amazing results.


    Transparency, accountability and sustainability have become the slogans of the market leaders.

    Noreena Hertz, English academic, economist, and author.

    Bisner aims to improve transparency for the growing number of freelancers and companies working more remotely than ever before.


    Here are the top four online features that promote transparency:


    1. The General Feed


    To keep up with everything that’s been going on in the company, just check the general company feed. Here you will see all the files, notes, and tasks that are being worked on by others in your team but not specifically assigned to you. If you are not directly involved in a project, it’s unlikely you would want to receive every notification related to the project. However, it is likely that you would want to be able to see what is going on in your company. No one in the company ever feels left behind: they can read meeting minutes, new strategy files or presentation scripts. Additionally, coming back from a vacation no longer requires you to spend a week getting back up to speed. With Bisner, opening hundreds of unread emails and spending hours asking colleagues to go over what you’ve missed is history.


    2. The Workspace Feed


    Despite promoting highly transparent ways of working, we also respect the need for privacy. The workspace feed shows you what’s going on in the workspaces you are a member of. Because the feed is separated according to workspace, you can see the files, tasks, notes, and posts from a single workspace. Not only does this help you work in a more organized way, it also makes it easy to search for what you need. In the most abstract form, you can think of workspaces as folders on your computer and the general feed as your computer’s “all files” section.


    3. Task, Note, and File Assignment


    Assign tasks to specific people so that everyone in the team knows who is responsible for what and whom to ask questions. On Bisner, you can also assign notes and files to people within a specified workspace. Assigned users get notified when the note or file is updated, and others in the team will also know that they are directly involved. Priority levels and deadlines for tasks can be selected to help the team manage their time efficiently. Project management has never been easier!


    4. Commenting Beside Tasks, Notes, and Files


    Comments located right next to the documents make it easy to receive instant feedback from your team. Ask your team to share their opinion on particular file, start brainstorming beside a note or simply give your colleagues some praise. There are so many ways to use comments! Remember, everything in the comment section is visible to all of the workspace users, so a praise or critique will be twice as powerful as when expressed in private.



    Bisner Tip:


    You might need to encourage your teammates at first to post regular updates. They may not be used to sharing their progress, especially in a written format on an online platform. Nonetheless, it is crucial that everyone in your team communicates generously for optimal collaboration. Communication is key for a truly transparent way of working.


    Bisner is essentially a virtual collaboration platform. It is not a substitution for current workflows; instead it offers a complementary set of tools to enhance teamwork. This new hybrid way of working enhances creativity, commitment, and motivation in teams, in which can help improve employee retention.


    With Bisner, it is easy to communicate, share ideas, and engage with your team for optimal organizational transparency.









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