• The Ultimate Guide to Surviving in a Coworking Space

    Interested in joining a shared office but don’t know where to start? Then this post is for you! We’ll guide you through your first steps in coworking and answer questions like “How can I make my coworking experience truly worthwhile?” and “How can I avoid conflicts with other members?”

    Gear up


    Every coworker should have a laptop and charger, a pair of headphones, a smartphone, a pen, and a notepad. Depending on your circumstances, you may also need a mouse and a pad and earplugs to block out background noise. The rest is up to you. If you don’t have one already, we recommend having a bag devoted to everything you need for work. This way you’ll never forget anything important at home and can save the time that some people spend re-packing for a day in the office.



    Choose wisely


    No matter how tolerant and prepared you are, if the coworking space doesn't match your needs, you won’t experience the full benefits. Take your time before committing to a membership. Use opportunities to “test drive” a couple of offices before making a final decision. Check out the coworking crowd and ask them questions – they will be more obliging and honest than the receptionist. To learn more about choosing a coworking space, read our previous post:  The Best Coworking Space for You



    Allow yourself flexibility


    The fact that you have chosen a particular space and spent money on it does not mean you are chained to it. Allow yourself to be flexible and to work in different places if need be (at home, at a café, or in the library). Sometimes, all we need is a change of environment to feel more energetic and accomplish more. Don’t feel obliged to always be at your office!



    Move to the cloud


    In order to be a truly flexible coworker, relocate your work-related files to the cloud. It will make your workflow independent of location and specific devices when you decide to get out of your usual environment. Moreover, it will prevent you from losing data should an accident occur, such as a clumsy coworker spilling coffee on your laptop! Which cloud service is best for you depends on your work style. If you often exchange files with clients or colleagues, consider collaboration software that will ease communication between you, your team and clients. If you work solo, services like Google Drive or Dropbox are good to start with. We work with our very own Bisner, which makes working from different locations very easy.



    Cowork respectfully


    The essence of coworking is to bring individuals together and facilitate communication and collaboration between them. That’s not to say that you’re expected to participate in every event or conversation, but don’t forget to get out of your cave from time to time and socialize. Building relationships will make you feel better about your job and might be helpful for your business as well.


    Moreover, respect the rules of the space – don’t forget that you’re not alone! This means taking loud phone calls in an area where it won’t disturb others and maintaining good personal hygiene. Last but not least, clean the facilities after you use them and don’t forget food in the fridge. All of these details might seem small and insignificant until you encounter them every day at your office. What goes around comes around!



    Bonus: Use a coworking visa


    Explore the endless opportunities you have with a coworking visa! The program, which currently includes 450 coworking spaces, allows you to switch coworking space for a couple of days. Considering that the visa can be used around the globe, it is a nice way to get to know other coworking cultures and maybe even consider a new place of residence.


    Learn more about the coworking visa here.






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