• The Importance of Networking for Freelancers

    Over the past decade or so the business world has seen the numbers of freelancers and self-employed professionals skyrocket. In fact, since 2010 the number of freelancers has almost doubled. There are a number of factors that contributed to this boom including increased demand, better regulatory microclimate and generally a more positive perception of self-employment. What is even more important however is the fact that networking and promoting have never been easier. It is crucial for every freelancer to understand the immense benefits that promotion and networking bring to their business, so let’s discuss some of the key aspects that every freelancer should know:



    Networking opens a path to the deepest wells of knowledge


    Working with a team of likeminded professionals is one of the keys to successful business. When you’re a freelancer though, more often than not, you have no team to discuss ideas, brainstorm with, or ask for feedback. Networking opens the path to shared knowledge from different facets of the world, be it business, journalism, or even art. This knowledge facilitates ideas and helps to make your freelance business become the best fit in the rapidly changing environment. Clearly, the larger the network you have, the deeper the sea of knowledge that you can dive into. Therefore, it is always important to keep expanding your connections. As an added benefit, networking almost eliminates the trial and error approach when trying to find best business practices for working online, since the input comes from the people you know or at least whose accomplishments you are aware of.



    Networking allows potential customers to be targeted directly


    Just a couple of decades ago, the best you could do as a freelancer looking for potential work was to post your ad in a local newspaper and hope that someone in need of your services would stumble upon it. Today, the picture is fundamentally different. Today you know the type of person who will benefit from your business and you have the ability to approach them directly. With a strong network you can even approach a potential customer through the words of their trusted friends.



    Viva voce


    There is absolutely no denying the fact that word of mouth is the most reliable path to an increased customer base. It is crucial however not to forget that actions speak louder than words. A couple of successful projects will surely get the snowball rolling and once again, the larger your network, the further that snowball will roll.



    Clearly, networking brings incredible value to your freelancing business and there are currently countless ways to go about it. However, we are still in need of a community for likeminded freelancers and enthusiasts to share knowledge, spread the word, and collaborate towards a better business future – a tool that offers the perks of various networking platforms but also cloud-based storage and collaboration in one place, that is easy and free. If only there were such tool in the making…


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