• The Future of Coworking is Online

    Coworking is one of the most popular topics when it comes to modern ways of working. Each month ‘coworking’ is googled more than 40,000 times, thousands of articles explain how it boosts efficiency, and new coworking spaces are opening up around the world. However, there is substantially less talk about the future of coworking. How can coworking improve further? What will be the next step in coworking?

    The 90s were when significant change began. It is interesting to note that the precursors to coworking spaces were hacker spaces, such as C-Base in Berlin. These hacker spaces were community-operated workspaces where people with common interests, often in technology, could meet, socialize and collaborate. The term ‘coworking’ wasn’t coined until 1999 when Brian DeKoven used the phrase to distinguish a way of working that facilitates collaboration and meeting for business, coordinated by computer (DeskMag).


    Technology connects us to our community


    In the early 90s, technology such as free WiFi and computers was still scarce. Many people did not have personal computers, let alone portable devices. Therefore coworking spaces with computers and Internet had a huge positive impact on professional collaboration. Today, due to the advancement of technology, these tools are available for everybody. We can work anywhere we want: at home, at the coffee shop, in a shared office, on the way home, or in the public library. We are not bound to one physical space thanks to our devices: laptops, tablets, smartphones or a mix of them all. We have changed a lot, but one thing has remained the same: technology connects us to our community.


    Online coworking




    There are many tools that a person can use today to build a community. LinkedIn is nothing new to us anymore. We are active on social media, we gather business cards, and we do our best to become a thought leader in discussion forums. Why do we have to work so hard and spend so much time to get noticed? It is because we barely use our physical, personal network on the Internet.


    Imagine that you have 100 connections. The coworker next to you sipping his latte also has 100 connections. He is probably searching for someone from your network, and you may be looking for a developer who just happens to be in his connections. Wouldn’t it be great to magically know who has the type of connections you’re looking for? And let’s take it further: not only searching within your coworking space, but also the connections outside your coworking space.


    The future of coworking is in creating circles of networks, where coworkers connect to each other within their coworking spaces, and their coworking spaces connect to other coworking spaces to help their members do business together. This way, members of a coworking space can reach out to other coworking communities in faraway countries or states to find each other and collaborate. Coworking spaces need an online platform that allows their members to easily search for and find other coworkers anywhere in the world.


    It seems that, just as in the early days of coworking, technology is again about to disrupt how we connectcommunicate and work with each other. 


    Coming soon: how Bisner facilitates the future of coworking. 














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