• Improving Teamwork with Bisner

    Virtual teams often struggle to achieve clear and effective communication, primarily due to the physical distance between the various members. Bisner’s communication tools solve this by bringing teams closer and improving the quality of feedback and discussions.

    Communication is key to all successful teamwork. It leads to better ideas, deeper trust, greater understanding, and much more. However, as many of us already know, a great number of obstacles may hinder effective communication.


    It starts at an individual level – we are all unique individuals. We each have different perceptions, attitudes, and mental and emotional capacities. We each have a different personality that either complements or clashes with others. There are also differences in culture – at both the personal and organizational level – with different traditions, norms, and habits. Finally, there’s the communication barrier caused by physical distances between team members.


    Many tools such as Skype, Dropbox, and Google Hangouts have helped close the physical distance between individuals. We can now see and talk to each other over the Internet, making it much easier to stay in touch with each other while traveling. We can also access files and images uploaded to cloud services from anywhere with Internet access.


    When it comes to work, we share files with team members through cloud services or by email. This may work well when there is just one other team member. However, it gets complicated when a team involves more people. Either everyone looks at each other’s files and a Skype meeting held to discuss points, or everyone makes edits, uploads the new versions, and informs the other team members separately. Another possible scenario is for one person to make edits, email it to everyone, and repeat the process every time someone makes an edit, leading to an overload of emails in our inbox!


    More has to be done to help teams communicate and work together. Bisner aims to do just that. With everything on a single platform, it becomes easy and efficient to work together in a team. Here’s an example of how it works:


    - Upload a file, task, or note.

    - Assign team members to the file, task, or note so they are notified. Anyone who can view the file can write their comments next to it directly.

    - Any edits made to the file are uploaded as a new version – aggregated with the original file –  so they are all in one place. Any edits to the task or note is made in real time. 

    - Send additional private or team messages via chat, because… well, why not?


    This way of working helps improve the quality of feedback and discussions within a team greatly. What’s more, real-time synchronization across devices is ensured – an important complementary feature!


    “Whether you’re in the office or on the road, real-time synchronization across devices lets you keep the conversation going.”


    All in all, Bisner’s communication tools make communication even clearer and provide an overview of all your projects and activities, files, tasks and notes. It is also easier to stay in touch with different teams as you keep your conversations going, whether you’re in the office or on the road.


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