• How Bisner Partners with the Coworking Community

    Today many start ups, small companies and freelancers choose to work in coworking spaces in order to benefit from a community of talented, driven people. To support the tremendous growth of coworking spaces, Bisner has a community section specifically designed for coworking spaces and their members. Let’s have a look at what happens when you combine online collaboration with community building.

    More than team collaboration


    The members of coworking spaces are usually well-networked individuals who enjoy tapping the latest opportunities to extend their reach and connect with like-minded professionals. One of the main reasons they choose to join a coworking space is the opportunity to network and socialize in a supporting environment in the physical world. They look for new business partners, creatives, developers, and people with many other skills. The community is one of the most important factors in turning one-time members into long-term residents.


    Coworking spaces can offer tools for their members to foster community building. Nowadays, it is common to use chat applications to communicate, social media groups to connect, or forums to discuss ideas. However, using multiple channels often leads to confusion and makes it difficult for members to keep up with the flood of information shared. The Bisner platform makes it simple.


    Coworkers and the community spaces are in one collaborative space that comes with all the necessary tools and integrations to manage their work lives.


    Bisner creates a private community for coworking spaces within the platform as a whole. Members of the coworking spaces can join this private community and automatically engage in a discussion with their coworkers and the managers of the space. Everyone has a voice. Members and managers can share useful links, add files, post announcements, or even organize events through their Bisner community.



    Bringing coworking spaces together


    The mission behind coworking spaces has always been to boost collaboration and success among a community of people who believe they can create something bigger together than they could alone. These days, however, coworking spaces sometimes forget this mission. With the increasing number of coworking spaces and the emergence of coworking chains, some cities seem to have a coworking space on every corner. On the other hand, some locations are underserved. In those locations, the challenge for the owners is to ensure that their members can connect to new companies and people despite their “remote” location.


    Bisner is a partner for coworking spaces of any size to take their network to the next level. On Bisner, the managers of coworking spaces can easily communicate with each other and join forces to create larger events or implement new, innovative ideas. Even though there is some competition for floor space in the physical world, online space is unlimited, and there is room for everyone to join.


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