• How Bisner Improves Your Online Presence

    Whether you’re a freelancer or a small business, a strong and relevant network is essential. It is where you find partners with relevant skills and ideas. Bisner helps companies increase their online presence.

    More and more people rely on online channels to search for information, products or services. Research has shown that nearly all customers (according to Google, 97%) use online channels to search for products and services.


    Creating an online presence does not mean simply setting up a website and a Facebook page. Rather, it involves having an informative website, several interactive social media pages, and engaging online. This means companies must find an effective way to promote their business online in order to reach their customers and grow their network in the digital arena.


    “Do you offer a great product, a great service, or perhaps both?”


    It is also important for businesses to connect and build relationships with other businesses. This is why Bisner is currently working on perfecting the ultimate platform for you to network effectively and work together with other companies.


    How will it work? Your own company page will allow you to promote your business and be found in the community by others. Once other companies have found you, or you have found other companies, you can instantly connect and communicate with each other.


    Learn about the community here. 


    Here are the few simple steps you would take:


    - Create a company page with appealing pictures, relevant files to share publicly, or testimonials to show what you do best. Don’t forget to integrate social media to create a richer online presence.


    - Search on the platform for other interesting companies with which you wish to build relationships.


    - Send them an invitation to connect.


    - In the meantime, your company will receive followers who are interested in your company. You can interact with your followers by sharing relevant posts such as blog articles, videos, links, news articles, or even send them newsletters.


    - You can join groups to participate in different communities or organize public events to share among your connections and followers.


    Your connections and followers will see your posts, events, or anything else you share publicly, on their daily feed.



    Here’s how Bisner differs from other networking platforms:  You can also start collaborating with connected companies.


    Perhaps you’ve found a translator for a project you’re working on. Or perhaps you’d like to find a photographer for an event you’re hosting. Maybe you are searching for potential partners or clients for your new business. You will have the opportunity to build a stronger relationship with other companies by working together with them directly.


    In summary, your company page on Bisner lets you do more than just the usual. In order for it to be effective, you will have to be active, interact with your followers, search for connections, and present yourself in the best way possible. You will benefit from joining the community as a company, as you see your online presence enriched and your reach extended.


    Grow your network with Bisner.




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