• How Bisner Helps You Collaborate Even Better

    Nowadays, more of us work remotely and teams are often dispersed. Technology has helped us remove these physical barriers, but collaboration between remote teams has yet to be optimized.

    We now live in an era where traveling for work, relocating to another country, or working from home is a commonplace. Teams are often dispersed, and companies have had to search for solutions to make location irrelevant to effective teamwork. Technology has already given us the ability to telecommunicate, wherever we are. There has also been a rise in online collaboration tools that support teams in working together online. Thanks to these online tools, such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Slack, working is more flexible and productive than ever before. However, there's still room for even better collaboration!


    Before I go on, let’s look at the characteristics that a complete set of tools for collaboration needs to have.


    - An easy and clean interface that makes adoption faster and the system easy to use.

    - Files that are accessible for all participants, supporting an open and collaborative environment.

    - A centralized location for notes (online document editing), tasks, files and conversations.

    - A function to keep users up-to-date with all tasks and files uploaded.

    - Easy integration with other apps, tools and platforms to support the way you already work.

    - Real time synchronization across devices  – mobile, desktop and tablet – so you can stay in touch and up-to-date wherever you are.


    Most of the tools and platforms out there don’t meet all the characteristics described. They focus on a few collaboration features , e.g. communication tools and file sharing OR communication tools and task management.


    We need all our collaboration tools in one place.


    Imagine all your projects across different teams and companies or clients organized in a centralized place – with all your files, conversations and tasks in a secure environment. A place, where even when you’re on the road, you can access your projects through your mobile phone or tablet.


    Bisner has made this reality.


    Here’s how it works.


    - Organize your work environment by topic or project

    - Invite guests or share a workspace with another company

    - Manage who can see each workspace.

    - Edit and upload any type of file, create a note or a task.

    - Set clear deadlines, instructions and priorities for tasks.

    - Work with team members on a note, simultaneously and in real time.

    - Assign files, notes and tasks to your co-workers, so they are notified.

    - Communicate right next to files, notes and tasks for clear feedback and discussions.

    - Search for files and conversations in dedicated workspaces from anywhere – your laptop, mobile or tablet.


    “Bisner brings the power of working in the cloud to your team. It is the place for an efficient and transparent way of working – with your own team or with connections outside your business”

    In summary, Bisner offers a full set of collaboration tools in a centralized location. An additional bonus is that users gain useful insights into their teams’ activities and progress on projects. Bisner is accessible from any device, so you can continue coworking wherever you may be. Bisner supports a truly flexible way of working.


    Welcome to the world of virtual coworking.



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