• How Bisner Helps Freelancers Expand Their Network

    In recent years, the way people go about business seems to have changed. Advancements in information and communication technology allow people to be ever more independent, which has given rise to a great increase in the number of freelancers. In our previous blog post, we discussed how networking is incredibly important for freelancers. Today, we will discuss how Bisner facilitates networking.

    At Bisner we support and encourage freelance entrepreneurs in achieving their ambitions. To this end, we ensured that our platform offers extensive networking and connecting features that can help freelancers speed up their business growth. Let’s take a quick look at how you can utilize Bisner’s networking functions to your advantage.


    Connect to other entrepreneurs


    Having difficulties finding work? Don’t have an extensive network of influential people? Don’t know where to look for potential clients or partners?

    These are just some of the issues that freelancers tend to experience at some point. They can quickly become sink-or-swim problems for a business. Although they occur so frequently, not much has been done to help freelancers overcome these issues. With Bisner, you are one click away from contacting your future partner or client. Found a potential partner that is not on Bisner? No problem, just send them an invite and they can start working with you immediately. Connect, chat, work and achieve success together, all on one platform. No hassle and easier than ever before.


    Join a coworking space



    There is no better way to expand your network than by joining a coworking space where entrepreneurs like you are pursuing their dreams. The instant exposure to numerous other freelancers and small businesses that potentially need your services can help your business achieve substantial growth. Considering the marginal cost of joining a coworking space, it is certainly a win-win situation for your business!


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    Promote, build, and succeed


    What better way is there to promote your business than through successful projects? It helps when your success can be easily seen by a community of startups, freelancers, and small businesses. At Bisner, we want to make sure that every freelancer has the opportunity to expand their network and spread the word about their products or services. You can make your profile visible to everyone or only selected people. Just create your page, promote your business, and enjoy a growing network of like-minded professionals.



    All in all, if you are a freelancer, you likely have more than enough on your plate. Managing time and expenses, entertaining clients, finding investors and gathering resources can take up huge amounts of time and effort. Bisner offers a solution: One platform featuring extensive networking tools, that is easy to use and free. Let Bisner take care of your networking challenges while you concentrate on building your portfolio.



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