• Global Coworking Survey 2015: Highlights of First Results

    After a one-year hiatus, the Global Coworking Survey is back to find out how the coworking market has developed since 2013. With over 500 surveys completed in the first five days, it is hoped that a record number of respondents will participate this year. Although the survey is still up and running, we were presented the initial results during the Coworking Europe Conference in Milan. I’ve taken the liberty of outlining some highlights from the presentation!


    A growing number of coworking spaces worldwide


    From 3,400 reported in 2013 to 7,800 reported thus far, representing an increase of almost 130 percent! This supports our notion that the coworking market is on the rise.


    Read our blog on the rise of coworking market.


    More people work in coworking spaces


    The average space is reported to have around 30 percent more members than in 2013. According to the survey, across all coworking spaces worldwide there are 510,000 members compared to 151,000 in 2013. That is an increase of more than 200 percent.


    Member expectations


    The community plays a significant role in coworking spaces. This is reflected in the results: Most members (67%) think that almost all other members know their first name.


    Isn’t this what coworking is all about? Knowing each other on a more personal level, to be able to share opinions, help each other, and exchange ideas? 

    The results suggest this is indeed happening: Three quarters of members expect to exchange casual small talk with other members, and almost 70 percent expect to share knowledge and enjoy other’s company.


    Coworking spaces are a great place to work


    As members of a coworking space ourselves, we know how great working in one can be. Although sometimes we work from home, we also like to take advantage of the benefits our coworking space offers. Deskmag’s survey results show that ever more people are working in coworking spaces and more often. The proportion of members working at a coworking space three times a week or more has increased from 51 percent in 2013/2014 to 73 percent reported so far this year.


    Why run a coworking space at all?


    Coworking space managers report that it’s not just about making money or reducing costs. It is more about the ability to connect with other people and to improve the working life of other people.


    Some challenges for coworking spaces


    Coworking spaces are fantastic, but they face certain challenges too. The Deskmag survey results show that 25 percent of coworking spaces have moved to a new location at least once. Most (82%) lease a location with an average term of 54 months, of which some will expire within a year. These are only a few examples of the challenges faced by coworking spaces. 



    What to expect in 2016


    - 79 percent of coworking spaces expect more members next year
    - 74 percent expect a greater sense of community
    - 61 percent expect more events.




    So there you have it. The first results of this year’s Global Coworking Survey by Deskmag. For coworking space members, operators, ex-members, or even if you’ve never heard of coworking, you can contribute to the final results that will be reported in early 2016.



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