• Bisner and Cobot partner to simplify coworking space management

    With this partnership you have the ability to seamlessly synchronize all data between platforms so that you can focus on what you do best.

    Why Bisner?
    Bisner offers you a customized coworking platform to manage your community, promote your space and interact with your members.

    We’re excited to team up with Cobot to offer extended business solutions for Coworking Spaces, and empower communities to have a more complete experience.

    - Stefan van der Werf, Co-founder, Bisner


    Community is the heart of coworking spaces. It is the identity of the space and is the number one reason why people come back again and again. Tools that support the building of community should be a core consideration of all spaces. And they should always enable the personal relationships and human moments that we all need to feel complete.

    - Thilo Utke, Co-Founder, Cobot


    How can I get started?
    If you are interested in being a Beta Testing Space – then please get in contact with us. Otherwise, just pay attention to our Newsroom and we will continue to give out more details as we approach the launch date.


    About Bisner
    Based in Seattle and Rotterdam, started in 2014, Bisner empowers the social side of coworking, brings the community online and fosters relationship building.
    Learn more about Bisner.


    About Cobot
    Based in Berlin, started in 2010, Cobot is a web-based management application made specifically for coworking that has been successfully helping spaces of all sizes across five continents for over five years.
    Learn more about Cobot.

Stefan van der Werf