• Before You Hire, Ask Yourself 3 Important Questions

    As a startup, you want to hire the star employees that would compose a team of enthusiastic, skilled, flexible, trustworthy and proactive professionals. The ugly truth is that even for the larger and established companies, recruiting has never been easy, and being small and unknown adds more pain to that.

    As much as working in a startup sounds exciting for those willing to leave a mark on the business and dream of earning high incomes in the future, it also sounds very risky. Considering the rising student debt, a lot of young professionals would be averse to joining the volatile startup environment.


    It is neither easy for the hirers: a new employee can be a decision of life and death for a starting business. The stakes are too high to neglect a proper recruitment process. However, startups usually do not possess enough funds to afford a reputable HR department. In order to balance this trade-off between spending, time shortage and quality, each startup should ASK themselves 3 following questions:


    How much time and money are you able

    to allocate to recruitment?


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    However efficient is your hiring strategy and tools, the recruitment process is going to be time-consuming. Moreover, if you also want to KEEP your new employees with you for a while, the process of creating the team spirit and enhancing your company’s culture is just as important as hiring itself. 


    In case you plan for your business to take off (not staying in micro size forever), the hiring process should never actually finish. Even if you don’t have any current job openings, keep your eyes open for prospective candidates through referrals, LinkedIn and startup job boards. These are top tools for you to reduce the number of irrelevant applicants and focus on the star-professionals that you would like to hire.


    Are you open to distant workers?


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    Even though there is a new trend for startups to move away from suburbs to energetic city centers, not every place provides a sufficient talent pool. That’s when the idea of remote work comes into place.


    Since more and more people enter freelancing and an increasing number of companies use their services, it is expected to be the future of hiring. Relocation of a staff member takes a considerable amount of time and money apart from other inconveniences.


    If your aim is to hire the best of what the world has to offer, this is your key. The good thing is, if chosen right, remote workers are self-motivated and with the use of modern collaboration software it is easy to keep in touch and track the progress of the projects.


    Would you join a company like yours,

    if you were offered the same opportunity?


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    Apart from looking for A-class professionals, your company has to be an A-star workplace as well. Modern professionals see beyond the salary: the culture of your workspace, the team, the potential of growth and making a positive impact on the world are all impacting your candidates’ decisions. 


    Online/public presence is another crucial aspect of your recruitment process. The profiles of social networks, blogs and publications tell the story and shows the values of your company to your future employees. Knowing that the best candidates prepare for the interview and research the company, your online presence is going to be inspected and it is the exact moment when you can make your candidates fall in love with you.



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