• 7 Amazing Coworking Spaces Around the World

    Coworking spaces are popping up all around the world, from 3,200 spaces reported in 2013 to 7,800 in 2015 (Deskmag). You might want to take a peek at some of the other coworking spaces out there. Perhaps this will inspire you to improve your own coworking space’s design or range of services, or perhaps it will lure you into joining a space! Check out this selection of our favorite coworking spaces, handpicked by the Bisner team.

    The Pioneer Collective



    The Pionneer Collective coworking space


    The coworking space in Seattle’s Pioneer Square is a beautifully designed workplace for the creators of the future. The Pioneer Collective is run by two young entrepreneurs, Audrey and Chris. Their goal is to design an inspiring space that brings inspiration and productivity back into the office environment. Equipped with wooden design pieces, numerous plants, and warm lighting, the Pioneer Collective might well become an important source of American business success stories!






    Geekdom coworking space


    Imagine working in your own “Google” office. Geekdom is a coworking space in San Antonio for creatives, developers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and anyone who likes being around them. The space aspires to provide an environment “where we empower and inspire innovators in order to transform our world for the better”. Aside from the funky design and amazing community, Geekdom offers its members numerous events – from yoga to beer nights to educational workshops. You’ll always find an activity!



    Ideia Hub



    Ideia Hub coworking space


    The name speaks for itself. Ideia Hub, in the Portuguese capital Lisbon, is specially designed to bring your creativity to places you could never imagine! The clean white decor helps improve focus, while occasional bright details aim to stimulate creativity. Moreover, as the space is located close to the seaside, Ideia Hub is THE place to let your mind wander! Don’t miss your chance to book a desk with a view of the Atlantic Ocean in one of Europe’s warmest destinations!



    Next Space



    Next Space coworking space


    NextSpace is a network of dynamic coworking communities focussed specifically on supporting people “who make a living and a life on their own terms, without compromise”. Their coworking spaces are located in vibrant tech and start-up areas around Silicon Valley, where one could easily become a part of one of the most talented tech and entrepreneurial communities in the world!



    Halton Mill



    Halton Mill coworking space


    Halton Mill is an eco-friendly coworking and cohousing project based in the UK. In fact, it is 100 percent powered by renewable energy. It is not only a shared office space with meeting rooms, but also has performance areas for presentations and performances and a LuneLab (a community workspace for all sorts of projects to explore, learn and collaborate). To inspire and develop their vibrant community, Halton Mill also hosts yoga and mindfulness sessions as well as woodwork, pottery, painting, and other creative classes.



    Hera Hub



    Hera Hub


    Hera Hub is coworking space for entrepreneurial women that aims to foster collaboration in a spa-like environment. HeraHub created their unique style by stimulating five senses: sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. You can expect aromatic candles, tranquil running water sounds and standing work stations! After building three successful locations in San Diego County, their next goal is to grow to support over 20,000 women by 2020.



    Urban Station



    Urban Station coworking space


    Urban Station is a chain of coworking spaces that aims to become a global network for mobile workers. With several locations in South America, it is not hard to imagine Urban Station as a hot destination for digital nomads and teams going on a coworkation. Each of the chain’s coworking spaces has beautiful, modern interiors aimed at bringing the best out of the community members. Their system is simple too! You just enter the space, choose a place to sit, log in, and pay only for the time you are there.



    Extra! An upcoming coworking space..



    The Beta Space (GlassQUBE)





    The first coworking space by GlassQUBE will be opening in Abu Dhabi in March 2016. It is expected to be truly breath-taking and to outshine other coworking spaces in the region. How does a 20,000 square-meter space with a 360-degree panoramic view over Abu Dhabi and the Arabian Gulf sound to you? And what about hanging out in a hammock or having your meetings in a members-only rooftop lounge? We love the idea and can’t wait for the grand opening!



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