• 6 Facts & Tips to Improve Productivity at Work

    Feeling sleepy significantly lowers productivity. Drinking coffee may help boost your energy, but only temporarily. There are better ways to fight sleepiness and thereby improve productivity at work. I want to share what I find most effective.

    Caffeine only combats sleepiness to a certain extent. While it provides a temporary boost of energy, it actually leads to a greater dip after the boost. On top of that, too much caffeine is unhealthy and dangerous too! So what can you do when you’re feeling your sleepy at work?


    Here are my six tips that I use to keep up my energy levels and remain productive at work.


     yoghurt in the morning 


    Fact: Foods that contain a large amount of sugar will give you a temporary boost, but will cause you to be MORE tired after the high wears off. This is what we call a sugar crash!


    Tip: Instead of munching on that chocolate bar, try alternative snacks that help sustain your energy levels. My favourite is Greek yoghurt with cereal, nuts or fresh fruit. Greek yogurt is high in protein, low in carbs, and has less sugar than normal yogurt. Can’t find Greek yogurt? A plain, unsweetened yoghurt is great too!


    Fact: Exercising makes you more alert and refreshed.


    Tip: Take a 10-minute walk after lunch. Do some stretching in the bathroom. These simple physical activities will help you survive the workday! Plus, prolonged sitting can cause spine misalignment, numbness and discomfort. So remember to take regular breaks away from your desk and get moving!


    Running exercise 


    Fact: Staring continuously at a computer screen can lead to eyestrain, which could cause eye itchiness, difficulty in focusing and headaches.


    Tip: Look away from your screen regularly. Look outside the window, look at distant objects or simply take a step away from your desk and take a quick break! There are also some great free programs such as EyeLeo that pop up with a reminder to rest your eyes.


    Fact: Deep breathing raises blood oxygen levels, slows the heart rate and lowers blood pressure. This form of relaxation can help you significantly to recharge and resume your productivity.


    Tip: Do some deep breathing exercises at your desk. Breathe into the abdomen, not the chest. Take this chance to relax your eyes too!


    Window tree view


    Fact: Dehydration causes fatigue.


    Tip: Drink plenty of fluids. As we all know, it’s recommended we drink a total of 2 liters of fluids every day. This means that during an average 8-hour workday, we should consume a minimum of 1 liter. I find it helpful to have a 1-liter bottle of water beside my desk and make sure I finish it by the end of the workday!


    Fact: Daylight influences the circadian rhythms that regulate your sleep-awake cycle. This means that daylight helps to keep you awake!


    Tip: Go outside for a break to get some natural daylight, and at the same time, fresh air! A minimum of 30 minutes is recommended every day.










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