• 4 Reasons to Join a Coworking Space

    Ever more freelancers, startups and solo-entrepreneurs are moving into the coworking spaces that are springing up in every part of the world. What makes the concept so popular and should you think about getting a membership too?

    Several years ago there was a strong trend for switching office jobs to working from home. Recently, the rules of the game have changed again. People are leaving their home offices to work in coworking spaces. According to Deskmag, the popularity of coworking spaces reached an all-time high this year. The number of Google searches for “coworking space” are expected to surpass “business center” within two years.


    Here are four of the main reasons why coworking is becoming so popular and why you should try out your local shared office.


    Boost your productivity


    Even though a number of freelancers manage their businesses perfectly well from home, a large percentage of professionals who join coworking spaces note an increase in productivity. Shared office spaces provide a professional environment and eliminate distractions you might otherwise encounter at home, be kids, pets or laundry.


    Be focused and more productive in a coworking space!




    The most obvious perk of a shared office is the opportunity to collaborate. You are no longer alone with your ideas: The people around you will likely be willing to help you. Carry out some peer research or test your new marketing material – whatever you do, the immediate feedback is close at hand. Coworking is also a great way to expand your professional network.


    Who knows, you might find new clients or a partner for future projects!




    If a home office is not for you, the atmosphere in cafés is too distracting, and you cannot afford to rent your own office building, then a coworking office is one way to save money. You no longer have to buy drinks in a café and listen to the sounds of coffee brewing and other customers’ chit-chat. Moreover, shared office spaces usually offer monthly payment plans that are more affordable than renting your own office. You are not obliged to sign an annual rental agreement, allowing you to choose a package that suits your needs. Facilities are also shared with other companies (e.g. printers, kitchen equipment, meeting rooms), which reduces everyone’s costs.


    Get out more


    Work is already consumes a large part of the day, so why spend it at home? Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is important for your mental health and is the key to avoiding burnouts. Working in a shared office lets you remain flexible work-wise and enables you to  truly relax at home so you can recover for the next productive day.






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