• 4 Reasons to Go on a Coworkation Right NOW!

    Coworkations are one of the most up-and-coming trends of the last couple of years. To meet growing demand, there has been an increase in the number of coworking and coliving spaces in holiday destinations such as Bali, Thailand and Southern Europe. Is it a smart way of working or another unconventional trend? What is so special about going on a coworkation? Let’s take a look!


    Coworkations allows you to explore the world
    without interrupting your career


    Exploring the world is costly and timely. While short, annual vacations are nice, many people would love to spend more time travelling. However, taking a gap year sounds like a game-breaker for career-minded people and can be financially unsustainable for others. Coworkations are a perfect solution for those wanting to visit new places and learn about new cultures while keeping up with their job. Ever fancied learning Portuguese and surfing, but never really had the time or opportunity? Check out SurfOffice Lisbon and go on a coworkation there!


    Surf Office Lisbon

    Surf Office in Lisbon 


    Coworkations bring all the benefits of coworking
    PLUS nice views


    Coworkations let you experience all the benefits of a coworking space, such as a strong community, opportunities for learning and growth, as well as a boost in productivity. When on a coworkation, however, you are surrounded by picturesque nature! Not only will you be able to enjoy the views yourself, but you can also arrange business meetings with your coworkers in an outdoor meeting space such as Coco Vivo in Panama. I mean, look at just how beautiful this place is! 

    Coco Vivo Panama

    Coco Vivo in Panama


    Coworkations save you money


    Coliving and coworking can save you considerable sums of money. Here is a clear-cut example scenario: If you change your workplace from London to Bali, it is estimated that you can save around $24,000 a year in living costs! (Hubud) Although London is an expensive city, $24,000 is still a considerable amount of money to save! Who else can brag about being able to save more money while travelling?


    Hubud Bali Coworking Space

    Hubud in Bali


    Coworkations bring peace and inspiration
    to your work and life


    The right combination of a coworking community and a marvelous environment can become a game changer for both your career and personal life. Going on a coworkation and getting out of your normal routine might bring new energy to your work or even provide you with fresh inspiration! If you don’t feel like going alone, invite your team to join you for a coworkation! Together you can brainstorm for new ideas and motivate each other to achieve even greater things!


    To summarize, there is no question that an increasing number of people perceive coworking and coworkations as a great way to work. Coworkations in particular are an amazing way to combine travel and work without sacrificing mental peace, your career, or financial stability. Whether you are going alone or with your team, a coworkation might become a great source of inspiration, joy, and even savings.


    Don’t waste another working day and join the rest in a “paradise” of your choice!






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