• 4 Benefits of Bringing Workspaces Online

    Before the Internet became a major place of work, people used the term ‘workspace’ to refer to the office where they worked and met with colleagues on a daily basis. Old-school workspaces have everything in one place that people needed to do their job: the colleagues, the documents, the technical equipment, the whiteboard, and even the coffee machine where people can chat during breaks. Nowadays, the term has a broader meaning that also refers to something that is different yet similar. Read how you can benefit from Bisner’s workspaces, and why virtual workspaces are an absolute must for any professional.




    A virtual workspace is a place where you can manage your files, tasks, and communication with others in a structured environment. Imagine workspaces as folders on your laptop, organized according to different business areas, projects, events, or whichever way you prefer! These folders can either be shared with others or kept private. You can create workspaces to use by yourself, but their full potential is unlocked when you invite people to join. Sharing workspaces with other people, either with your team or with others outside the company makes teamwork and collaboration much easier. Simply drop a file or create a task in the workspace for all participants to see, discuss, and update!




    Bisner’s virtual workspaces are an upgrade to how your old desk used to be when it was covered with folders, documents, and printouts. With Bisner’s workspaces, you can organize and store your files in one place, with the extra advantage of easily sharing files and tasks with your coworkers, managers, business partners, or even clients. You can search for any file in any workspace easily, making it much faster to find what you need.




    Bisner’s virtual workspaces come with features such as one-to-one chat, group chat, and a newsfeed where workspace members can post and comment. This helps you to follow what is happening with your project or team and participate in discussions, even if you are in a different place or even time zone. Brainstorming, chatting, or simply managing people who aren’t in the same office is a lot easier in a virtual workspace.


    Keep it safe


    People assigned to the workspace by the owner are the only ones with access to the files and conversations within. It is similar to having a key to your office and giving copies to some of your co-workers. You can be certain that your work is private, with only those you have given permission having access.


    We believe that virtual workspaces are a great addition to physical workspaces to support the new way of working. However, we will still have to wait a while for a virtual coffee machine!



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