• 3 Essential Means of Communication

    How many times have you started an email with “Dear Mr Hendrickson” and closed with “Kind Regards” or “Yours Sincerely”? Even when we email people we know well, skipping the introductory “Hey James” and signing off can seem odd.   Bisner helps you reduce your dependence on email. Learn how you can communicate more efficiently with your coworkers, partners or clients.


    The very essence of email almost obliges us to include an opening and a closing, as if we were writing on a scroll with a quill and ink. Moreover, some of you may be familiar with the habit of checking for incoming messages more often than necessary. Of course, sending an email is sometimes a necessity. As explained in our previous blog post, Make the Most Out of Your Workday with Less Email, email should only be used for formal and non-urgent messages. With regards to impersonal or mass messaging however, are you certain that email is the best way to get your message across?


    At Bisner, we believe that email in the modern workplace is outdated, burdensome, and boring! Instead, we offer our users various improved forms of communication. These new features are replacing the role of email at work:



    Chat and comments

    – a fast, intuitive, and personal way to communicate with your team, coworkers, and even clients and partners!

    Chat is a perfect tool to communicate with your team, partners or clients when an immediate response is crucial. As a result, everyone can get on with their work without constantly refreshing their inboxes and waiting for others to reply to their mail. Chat is instant, quick, and much more fun than email! It is also possible to get instant feedback in the form of comments made directly next to each post, file, task or note – ensuring that communication is clear and organized communication. This is an additional feature that’s offered by Bisner!



    – a great way to brainstorm ideas when a team can’t meet in one place and time.


    Bisner’s notes function is perfect for taking minutes during meetings or for brainstorming ideas with a remote team. Instead of having to download and upload new versions, team members can work directly in the note. Editing is done in real-time, so not only can everyone in the note change the text directly, they can also see the changes others are making as it happens. Moreover, the auto-save function means you’ll never lose any changes by forgetting to click on save!


    – a stream of new information to keep up with what’s happening. It’s easier and faster than going through countless emails in the morning.


    Sometimes there is no better way than to share news than by posting it to the feed! Email might feel too formal, and sending the same message to everyone individually would take too much time. That’s where the feed comes in! Post links to articles, company announcements or pictures directly to the feed for everyone to see and comment!

    Bisner’s general feed shows you everything that’s happening in all your workspaces and what others in your company have posted. You can also check workspace feeds by filtering to a single workspace for a clear and organized way of working. Our upcoming blog post Virtual Workspaces will explain more about our workspaces.



    Don’t be held back by an outdated communication style. It’s time to embrace more personal, spontaneous, and engaging conversations. Keep your creativity flowing by shortening the gap between asking a question and receiving a response. You won’t believe how much time and cognitive effort you can dedicate to actual work instead of answering countless emails! Improved communication allows organizations to share information faster, monitor the status of projects more easily, and engage coworkers more than ever before.


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